Dreaming Without Sleeping

I swing to dream. I’m no longer a child. Soon I will turn 18, be an adult, graduate high school and go off to college. I swing on the swings to escape my thoughts, to lose reality for a little while – to dream without sleeping.


I’ve always loved to swing. As an infant, the swing was a place that kept me happy and peaceful to sleep. As a toddler and child, it was like flying in the sky like a bird, so carefree and fun. As a teen, swinging calms me, relieves my stress, and lets me get lost in my own unique world. Many think of swinging on a swing as something a young child does, not something a soon to be 18 year old would be doing, but for me swinging is peace. When I need to step away from feelings of being overwhelmed with school, family, or friends; or when I need to clear my head, I grab my iPod and swing. I can swing for hours getting lost in the music and entering a world that only exists to me. A feeling of relaxation and serenity takes over my body. It is a sense of happiness and the thought that everything will be ok.

My freshman year in high school I swung on the swings almost every day. It was one of the worst years of my high school experience; the increased expectations academically, the social expectations and changes among my friends, and learning how to communicate with teachers as an adult. Many days it was a challenge for my mom to get me up to go. I was not happy with my life, maybe it was the stress, the changes, and my shyness. During this period of time I would come home from school and swing. Swinging gave me a chance to relieve the tension and sorrow from my day. Even during the school day, the thought of swinging eased my overwhelming feelings and gave me that little bit of peace I needed to get through the day. When I swing, it’s my world, only me. Swinging was the place I could go to know that everything would be okay and someday things would get better. And they did.

I have grown into a strong, confident and independent individual. I love my life and take nothing for granted. I have accepted who I am and I feel lucky to have a special place to go to unwind and relax. I swing.

I am no longer a child and I will be going off to college soon. My responsibilities and challenges will only greaten and I have learned through swinging how to bring myself to a place of tranquility. In college I may find yoga or meditation to take the place of my swing, but for now I simply walk out my back door and swing; a peaceful place for me where I can dream without sleeping.

This was my college essay. It’s crazy how much has changed since my senior year of high school, but all of the change was good change. I transferred schools and I’m a completely different person from when I was writing this essay. I now have a strong head on my shoulders, I’m independent and I’m confident with who I am. The one thing that hasn’t changed though, is my love of swinging on the swings. I will forever swing… “to escape my thoughts, to lose reality for a little while – to dream without sleeping.”


One thought on “Dreaming Without Sleeping

  1. I LOVED this essay. It was so forth coming. I loved how it showed your growth and change at the end. Having somewhere to go to release. and think is always such a good thing.


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