The Boston Commoner

The Boston Common; one of the many historical places in Boston and also part of my “neck of the woods.” After a day at the State House for my internship, I thought the Common was the perfect location to begin the fashion part of my blog.

I’m all about Boston style. You can simply walk down Newbury Street and be emerged into an array of Boston street style every where you look. Three styles I have been seeing a lot, whether I’m on Newbury, on campus or looking up runway trends are wearing all shades of browns, neck scarfs and suede.

I put together this look beginning with the faux suede button up skirt and built off of it. This skirt has been everywhere this season.


The silk neck scarf is an accessory that transcends through time. It helps to create a chic put together look.


Cheetah is the most versatile print in my opinion. It is a neutral to me and goes with everything. The cheetah clutch adds pattern contrast (with the neck scarf) to give the outfit a more balanced look, so it isn’t too plain.


Skirt: Express, Top: Francesca’s, Neck Scarf: H&M, Booties: H&M, Clutch: Macy’s

This outfit is versatile when it comes to deciding when and where to wear it. It is somewhat casual yet sophisticated. I would really wear it whenever, whether it was a day shopping on Newbury, lunch with friends, a Boston function or out to dinner. With this type of look you’ll be ready for pretty much any occasion.



Thanks so much for reading!

{Special thanks to my amazing photographer & friend, Caitlin!}

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