Joy on the Hill

12234847_1117649228246943_6113537655624626438_nSeptember 1st is the day that most of Boston dreads… move in and out day. In many cases, the move in and out is thought of as mostly college students and this year I was one of them.

It seems like it was yesterday that I moved into my new home on Beacon Hill. Now two months in, I’m loving every second of it. Never did I think that I would be able to say that I’m a resident of Beacon Hill. Sounds fancy, right? In reality though, I worked my butt off 9 to 5 all summer to help pay for it and it was well worth it.

When you come to college a big part of it is that you’re living on your own away from home. You gain a lot of independence and come to cherish home cooked meals and free laundry a lot more. Living in a dorm or an on campus apartment definitely gives you the feeling of living on your own, but it is nothing like having your own apartment.

The transition from living in a dorm to an apartment is huge. A dorm comes with your bed; a desk and chair; an armoire; cable; in some cases heat and air conditioning; and a lot more. An apartment doesn’t come with any of that. Sometimes you’re fortunate to get utilities included such as heat and hot water (which I’m lucky because those two are included in my rent) but it tends to be more rare than not. With an apartment you do get to have your own bathroom, a kitchen, etc., which is great but living on your own gets a whole new definition when you actually move out into an apartment. I am fortunate to live with two girls who have lived in an apartment before, so luckily we have electricity, cable and wifi all set up. Then the reality hits when you pay bills for the first time. I believe that dorm life is a necessity in life for the first year of college, maybe second. After that though, I can’t imagine not having an apartment. I think that having an apartment prepares you for the real world more than living on campus, just a little though seeing as you aren’t paying all the bills alone.

College is said to be the best time to live in the city because it’s the cheapest you’ll ever pay and I couldn’t agree more. I think if you’re able to live in a city like Boston for at least some of your life then you won’t regret it. I’m grateful everyday for all that I have and overjoyed that I get to spend college as an actual resident in the city that I love.

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