A Breath of Boston

It’s officially Fall in the city of Boston. The leaves are changing and the brisk air is here to stay.

pYVK2VxFQh3n5MEnZ_oGBkYG2kZFf8r56tqOQABqO1g Something about this day gave me a breath of fresh air. Walking all around the Public Garden, specifically by the pond, I stood there admiring the view of the trees, buildings and the Pru. Coming to Boston was the best decision I’ve ever made for myself and I consider it the first decision I’ve ever made with only myself in mind.

Often times I find myself walking around the city, so genuinely happy that I’m where I feel I’m meant to be. After walking around Boston aimlessly, I find myself ending up at the Public Garden. I sit on a bench (usually drinking a coffee) admiring the people, the many beautiful views and feeling peace within myself.

This day it was fairly warm out compared to the chilly days we had been having. For me personally, I love wearing dresses and skirts as much as possible, so this day called for one of those options. I also added some long black socks with my black booties for extra warmth and as a detail to compliment my accessories.


The fall is all about layering, which is one of my favorite parts of this look. Layering pieces is best for the days that are warm and then all of a sudden become cold (aka New England weather). It’s also an effortless way to make yourself look well put together and stylish.

sgiCUeynUKYVHgXnXF1gHmmALfPUNX8r8mUzSs6IKZ0      -VeWceZIc5O-PpFgZPWs26tn8k6WxCJ3mt66a-LVErQ

I began with this olive green shirt dress, added a long sleeve chambray shirt and then put on a faux fur vest to pull it all together. A faux fur vest is a staple go-to piece to complete an outfit.



For my accessories I added my black floppy hat and a slip-through bag (a type of bag to look for this fall 2015 season).




Shirt Dress: Brandy Melville, Chambray Shirt: Forever 21, Faux Fur Vest: Forever 21, Booties: Nine West, Long Socks: H&M, Floppy Hat: Primark, Slip-Strap Bag: Francesca’s


Rb8-PizbPRsleHidmgn_npczvLFgyouxsiy1-yT3IS4   t7DzGXQ1VZ0Fp3OSI87oVnnEgY8cb5saGnaci7YTQH4   5VcdWTWhv62LGNvz3nQEuZkf80Sx808C_UXpaIoIOz0


Thank you to my amazing photographer & friend, Caitlin!

            zCDf-_9GelKzqcxBmDhbRm46zUCm6bpANhk799y0tsw          BwBqQk9yL99kgOVSkEnnIZci0ShJszIF59FiAX7Wu5o

As always, thank you so much for reading! Until next time, XO.


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