The Name

I had always wanted to have a blog, but the main struggle in starting it was honestly coming up with a name. The name is one of the most important parts because it needs to send the message that you’re looking to give and create. I also feel like it should have some of who you are in it.

I knew that I wanted to blog about my life because then it would give me the freedom to blog about all my interests and about anything I wanted. Trying to come up with something clever didn’t really work… I had a document on my laptop of thousands of words and phrases, but none that really felt right to me. It came to mind “The Life of E” at one point, but I didn’t want to be so plain because that’s not who I am. Also, I wanted to be able to shorten the name of my blog by the letters that it started with. Then I began googling adjectives that started with the letter E bexcuse if I had an E word my blog would be “ELE” and I liked that because my initials (first and last) are EL, so that’d kind of be another subtle sentimental part for me. I had words such as elegant (too pose and proper); then there are words like exciting, exotic, excellent… nothing that would go. Even when I Googled “adjectives starting with e” nothing caught my attention. Then one day freshman year of college as I sat on my twin XL bed the word “eloquent” popped in my head. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before and it hadn’t came up any time I searched words. I immediately texted my sister “the Eloquent Life of E” and then looked up the definition..

Eloquent: {Beautifully spoken.} Fluent or persuasive in speaking or writing. (confident, clear, expressive, persuasive, strong, forceful, powerful, potent, effective, simple, vivid, moving) Clearly expressing or indicating something. (open, meaningful, suggestive, revealing, telling, significant, indicative)

Immediately, I knew. That was it. The word eloquent expressed exactly what I wanted in a sort of subtle way; just what I was looking for. I also got my “e”, so it was perfect. I then as you all know, created ELE.. the Eloquent Life of E!

Until next time! XO.

Eloquently Yours,


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