Meet Me on Acorn Street

Before I go on about this post I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all! I hope your days were filled with loved ones, happiness and lots of food!

Along with its history, Boston is filled with mesmerizing and beautiful scenery. From the skyline as you overlook the water, to the North End, there are countless areas of Boston that you’ll want to see. One place in particular, that you’ve probably seen in pictures or have heard about is Acorn Street on Beacon Hill. Being in my neighborhood, this iconic street is not a far walk. The cobblestone road and gorgeous textured apartment buildings create a breathtakingly beautiful stroll down the small street.

Although it’s November, if you live in New England and in particular Massachusetts you know the weird weather all too well. In mid-November you’d think that not wearing a jacket is crazy, but with the still “warmish” 50 degree weather, this outfit was just enough.


For this look I wanted the focus piece to be the poncho. The colors are perfect for the fall and it’s a piece that stands out on it’s own. Because of that I went with a minimalistic look of all black for my top and pants. Then I added a touch of color with the burgundy heels and navy clutch.

The minimalistic look of the black is something that you can’t go wrong with as long as you have a piece that stands out such as this poncho. The top is an off the shoulder top that is also very trendy right now and you can never go wrong with black pants. I added a simple gold necklace, studs and a bracelet as well.


My favorite piece of this look is definitely the poncho and the heels. If you don’t own a poncho I recommend you get one ASAP! It’s basically like having a blanket on for the day and who doesn’t want that?! Poncho’s are something that we used to frown upon, but they’re back, so embrace it! Then there are the heels. Now when I tell you this, it is the most amazing fact in the world of heels. I’m a shoe-aholic. I own so many pairs of shoes that my mom will never buy me another pair. It’s crazy and a problem, but I’ll save that for another day. Point being, I know shoes and more importantly, I know heels. So here it goes… these Nine West heels are the COMFIEST HEELS I have EVER worn. EVER. I went black Friday shopping in them. That’s how comfortable they are. Everything about them; the look, the color, the lace up, the fit, how they feel.. everything is amazing and I got them in black a week later too!



Poncho: Express, Top: H&M, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Nine West, Clutch: Vintage, Necklace: H&M



There’s another great part about this particular street and that’s Callie. Callie is the Beacon Hill dog. She is honestly the most well behaved dog I’ve ever met. She’s so kind and gentle, so of course pictures had to be taken with her!



Thank you to my friend & photographer, Caitlin!


Thank you for reading, until next time!! XO.


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