Holiday on the Hill

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and the holiday season on the hill is in full swing!

As this being my first year on Beacon Hill, I exactly sure what to expect. Last year I lived across from the Boston Common, so I was always walking through looking at the lights and the Christmas tree. Along with that, there are always lit up stars that hang throughout Downtown Boston. Beacon Hill didn’t seem like it’d do anything like that, so I was definitely curious about what I’d find.

Ironically, last Saturday I walked past a church on Cambridge Street and noticed a whole group of people down an alley way (it wasn’t a scary one or anything don’t worry) and they had what looked like pieces of Christmas trees? I wasn’t too sure. Some were wearing Santa hats and when I first saw all of them (there had to be at least 50 people when I saw them) I actually wondered if they were going to the Santacon Bar Crawl (lol) but after seeing the tree-like things I knew that couldn’t be it. I now know what they were doing though.

I was walking down my hill one day after class and noticed on the beautiful street lamps that there was some sort of tree garland wrapped around every single one of them on the street with a red bow. It then dawned on me, that’s what those people were doing. They volunteered their time to bring the Holidays to the hill. It was the simplest, most elegant way to decorate and they didn’t miss a single lamp throughout all of Beacon Hill.

I see the Common lit up all the time, but seeing the decorations down my street made me smile in a different way. It goes to show sometimes the simplest things have much more to offer and are more appreciated.

Happy Holidays! Until next time, XO.



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