If you’re familiar with Beacon Hill or saw my post on Acorn Street, chances are you know Callie. Callie lived on Acorn Street and was pretty much seen as the Beacon Hill mascot. She was kind, friendly, gentle and possibly the most well behaved dog I have ever met. It saddened me to find out that Callie passed away a few days ago. It was all over Instagram with #CallieRIP. It breaks my heart that this amazing animal is no longer with us, but she truly was loved by not just her family, but by all of the people that knew of her in the City of Boston. She will be dearly missed and Acorn Street won’t be the same, but I wanted to tribute a post to her to share my meetings with her and the rest of the pictures that Caitlin took with her in them.

The first time I saw Callie in person was when I got coffee one morning. As I came out of the coffee shop I saw a beautiful Golden Retriever sitting outside the door, who I now know to be Callie. Confused, I wondered why this dog was sitting there waiting so patiently. Then I looked through the window and noticed she was waiting for her owner. A minute later her owner came out with coffee and they went on their way. No leash, Callie walked right next to her as they continued on with their day. I was pretty amazed to say the least. My next encounter with Callie was when I learned she lived on Acorn Street. As Caitlin and I began walking down the street to take pictures we noticed her and as you know, took many pictures. She sat outside the door of her home sleeping and was content with laying there being kind to all that came to say hello to her. Her calm and inviting personality made every person that met her smile. No one seemed to be a stranger in her eyes because even taking pictures with her she enjoyed the company.

She was an amazing dog and will never be forgotten. Rest in sweetest peace, Callie. You’re loved by all of Boston.






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