That’s a Wrap

First semester of Junior Year has finally come to an end and I couldn’t be happier. I swear I’ve been in my midlife college crisis with the way everything was, but I made it out and I’m so excited for the new and exciting things that are coming for me. A lot of change will be happening, but I’m one that loves change, so I can’t wait!

Although I’m excited that the semester is over and that Christmas and the New Year approaches, it’s definitely scary to think that I only have three more semester left of college until the “real” world. I’m definitely excited for the future and my senior year will hopefully be full of internships and connections, but again it’s slightly terrifying. For those that don’t know, my major is Communications concentrating in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Government. Basically when I graduate I plan on (hopefully) taking a job wherever I can get one. Ideally I’d like to stay in New England, but honestly, I might as well travel while I’m young, so wherever I get an offer I’ll go (even if doe end up being Idaho). My plan is to work my way up and gain credibility and professional experience. In the end though, my dream would be to come back to Boston as an anchor and the end up in New York City one day.

I understand that I have to start at the bottom to make it to the top where I want to be, but I’m ready for that. At this point I don’t think I’ll let anything stop me in pursuing my dream and where I want to be in life. Again, although terrifying, I am so excited for the future.

Thank you for reading! XO

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