Twas’ the Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house… My dad is on the couch and my sister and I make our mom take pictures of us because we got cute matching Victoria’s Secret PJ’s! (I tried to rhyme, but nothing made sense rhyming with house lol)

My sister Amy is two years younger than me (even though she looks older… I know) and we’re best friends. Of course we bicker sometimes (mostly about clothes), but we know that we always have each other and it’s an unbreakable sister bond.



This Christmas I was feeling like I needed some cute matching PJ’s because who doesn’t want matching PJ’s especially when they’re from Victoria’s Secret! I ordered a Christmas pair that I wore to my girls night Christmas Party/ Secret Santa and then ordered the red ones (even though they kind of look pink in the pictures.) Then I was feeling extra generous and decided I’d get a matching pair for my sister too!

VS Christmas PJ’s.. Hard to tell, but there are Christmas trees, presents, ribbon, etc., all over them!

With matching PJ’s of course comes the night before Christmas photo shoot in front of the tree. That’s one great thing about having a sister and being so close… The cute pictures that we both want to have!

This was just a fun shoot to create memories, have fun wearing cute matching PJ’s and I guess there’s always taking pictures like this for Instagram! Thinking it couldn’t get more exciting, our cat Sophie decided she wanted to get in the pictures too (or just wanted to patted).

As you can see, after creeping in the back she decides to get right up front and of course we can’t help but laugh, so we let her join in too!

Needless to say, there usually isn’t a dull moment when I’m at my house with my sister and my cat (and of course thankfully we have a mom that loves to take all of our pictures and dad’s on the couch!) We had a wonderful Christmas full of cherished time with our family. I’m more than grateful to have my dad, mom, sister and Sophie; the holiday season really reminds you of that.


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

From us to you, Happy Holidays!! XO.

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