Monday Mornings

It’s been a while, but I’ve been working on a lot to come. With that said…

I’m excited to announce the first of two new series added to my blog!

Who says that Monday’s always have to be a drag? Well fortunately for me, my Monday mornings are free because I don’t start classes until 1 (I know, the luxury of being a college student lol). Because of this I’ve decided to act on something that I’ve been saying I would do for over a year now. That’s take my love for coffee shops and explore all the amazing ones in Boston.

Every Monday I’m going to post about a new coffee shop to share with my readers and let you know about my experience. Although it might sound silly, I’m kind of passionate about this because it means a lot to me. Coffee shops / cafes are my go to place when I need to relax. The vibes that they give off, the calmness and simply by the way that they look all intrigue me. This is something that I want to share because if you do live in Boston I suggest you check some of them out and also, maybe it’ll inspire you to find a local coffee shop of cafe in your area to go to as a relaxation place! I promise you’ll love it!

With that said, I’m excited to share that starting this month begins “Monday Mornings” on ELE! (Side note: you’ll be able to find all of these posts under Joy on the Hill since I’m only able to explore all of these coffee shops / cafes because I’m living my life in Boston.) Until then, have a wonderful week and as always, thank you for reading! XO.

Eloquently Yours,


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