Monday Mornings: Think, think, think…

Last Monday I went to one of my favorite coffee shops and if you’re from Boston or familiar with Boston coffee shops you might know which one I’m referring to… The Thinking Cup! Located on Hanover Street (the North End); on Tremont Street (across from the Boston Common); and on Newbury Street, The Thinking Cup is well known to Bostonians. Their three prime locations make is easy to get to and I promise it is worth going. As soon as you step in there is an ambiance of relaxation. You can choose to get pastries (macaroons!); sandwiches; soups; salads; all types of coffee, tea and hot chocolate drinks. The list goes on and on. I love them all, but I tend to find myself always going to the Newbury Street location. Maybe it’s because I just love being on Newbury Street in general, but this one is especially nice because when the weather is warm enough they have outdoor seating. During the cold months though, they have indoor seating that usually fills up fast, but some how I always seem to get lucky and get a table! Speaking of the tables, one unique part of the thinking cup is actually their tables. The surface of each one is an old newspaper, no not the feeling of it, it’s under the glass. I love this because it adds to their uniqueness. Each table tells a story and adds interest to your morning, afternoon or lunch to eat, drink, relax and think at the Thinking Cup!

Another intriguing part to coffee shops that I am obsessed with is coffee art. You’ll see pictures all over social media of the pretty pictures in the foam of their drink and I’m guilty of being one of those people. Luckily, the Thinking Cup is one of those coffee shops that has amazing art!

[Tremont St. location]

[Hanover St. location]

[Tremont St. location]


[Newbury St. location]

Back to last Monday, I went to the Newbury Street Thinking Cup with my sister Amy. It was extremely busy, but again, we luckily scored a table for two. Together we got lattes and macaroons and my sister was kind enough to take some picture for me!



For me, the Thinking Cup is a place I can go to wind down when things get hectic. I literally take it as a place to think and as I said, often times I’ll write too. If you have a love or interest in coffee shops like me, definitely take a trip to the Thinking Cup.


So whether you’re looking for a cafe to go to with friends, on a coffee date, or simply read a book or in my case write… The Thinking Cup is definitely a place to go!

(And yes, I’m wearing my outfit from Grayscale, check out that post here!)

As always I hope you enjoyed and thank you so much for reading!

Until next time, XO.

Eloquently Yours,


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