Monday Mornings : Princess for a Day

March 11th to March 20th… Also known as Spring Break! This year my friend Sydney and I decided that we’d travel down to the sunshine state to visit our friend, Heather, who has an internship in Orlando. If you follow me on Instagram then you might be able to guess where her internship is… Disney! More posts will come about our trip, but this post goes along with Monday Mornings. Of course everything at Disney is magical and people are treated like kings, queens, princes and yes… princesses! With that said, my Monday Mornings, although it was just Starbucks, was special because it’s located inside of Magic Kingdom.

Every person that works at Magic Kingdom is there to make your experience as close to perfect as possible. They want you to be happy and enjoy every second that you’re there. From beginning to end there is not one moment that isn’t magically. This Starbucks, which was designed to look like a little town coffee shop was amazing. The workers were dressed in old fashion clothing as if they were serving kings, queens, princes and princesses. Yes, it was all Starbucks food and drinks, but the workers made the experience great. With that said, my favorite part was that the barista that took my order wrote “Princess Erika” on my drink. Needless to say it put a smile on my face, made me feel like a princess for the day and was only the beginning to the creation of magical memories.

It was difficult to choose where to take the picture because there are so many picture worthy places. After about 60 shots the final decision (as you might have seen on Instagram) was this one…


Of course Walt and Mickey make the final cut!

Thanks for reading! XO.

Eloquently Yours,


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