Springing into Disney Springs

Not having to wear a jacket for 5 days was a dream come true and a tease that we’re still anxiously awaiting the spring weather here in Massachusetts. After landing Sydney and I met up with Heather for a night at Disney Springs. Disney Springs is better known as Downtown Disney, but they changed the name a few years ago. Here there are shops, restaurants and has a lot of fun things to see. We walked around a ton, explored, took some pictures and had a lovely dinner to catch up with each other.



Although our trip was filled with activities, Disney Springs was perfect to dress up a little and take some pictures. Thank you to my friend, Sydney, for putting up with me!!

I was extremely excited to get to wear an outfit like this. Finally… no jacket, sunhat and heels. I love putting pieces together with detailed prints and simple writing (it says Paris France on my shirt if you were wondering). Another part of this look that I love is that the pants are the focus piece and then I added all neutral colors to compliment them.

One final note is my heels. We walked around for hours and my feet did not hurt once. My blog “Meet Me on Acorn Street” highlighted a pair of burgundy heels and I mentioned that I got them in black too, well these are them. Again, I will tell you they are the comfiest heels I have ever worn, I highly recommend them and they’re still on sale at Nine West!

Top: Forever 21, Pants: Forever 21, Heels: Nine West, Bag: Aldo, Hat: Primark


Thank you again to Sydney for taking the pictures!! As always, thank you so much for reading! Until next time, XO.


Eloquently Yours,


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