Spring has Sprung Part I

Even though it hasn’t felt like every day is Spring, it technically is the Spring season. Unfortunately, with New England weather, knowing what to wear every day is a struggle. As we transition into spring though you can have a quick go to outfit simply with a white tee and girlfriend jeans.

First, you might wonder what girlfriend jeans are… Well yes they’re kind of like boyfriend jeans, but they’re just ever so slightly tighter than the loose boyfriend jean look.

Now, for the first white tee / girlfriend jeans look (the second look will be a different post)…

I paired the white tee / girlfriend jeans with a simple gold bar necklace, pointed toe lace up flats, my Michael Kors bag and my Burberry jacket.

I’d like to talk about my Burberry jacket for a second because it’s the first time I’ve feature it in a post. I’ve wanted a Burberry jacket all my life. When I imagine the one that I’d have I hoped a trench coat, but I definitely don’t have $1000 to do that. Last Fall I was googling Burberry jackets and came across this one, except it looked red in the picture. When I saw it I knew I had to have it. Sure enough, it was available at Bloomingdales. How could I afford it? The catch is that it’s a kids jacket! Literally from the kids section I went to Burberry, saw the one that I thought was red, but was actually a pink. When I saw the blue, I knew it had to be the one. This is a versatile jacket because of the color, I’ll wear it in the Fall and the Spring. I just love it!!

Lace up shoes are the go to shoe style for this Spring and Summer. These flats in particular are extremely comfortable and I’m in love with the color. Whether they’re heels, flats, wedges, sandals… Get some lace up shoes, girl.


I got my Michael Kors bag from my parents for my birthday last year. At first glance you wouldn’t necessarily know it’s an MK bag, which I like because of the simplicity and the color is my favorite part of course. This was my go to Spring/Summer bag last year and so far this year too.

Overall, this is such an easy and simple look. Wearing a white tee and tying it in a knot makes it look a little more stylish, but if you’re looking for a more slouchy look then you don’t have to tie it at all. Girlfriend jeans are more than just skinny jeans and you could even wear boyfriend jeans if that’s what you have. Honestly, pair anything with a white tee and jeans and you’re good to go!

Burberry Jacket: Bloomingdales, White Tee: Forever 21, Girlfriend Jeans: Gap, Flats: Nine West, Bag: Michael Kors, Necklace: H&M


And that’s it to the first look! Simple and easy. Thank you to Caitlin for enduring the random rain showers with me to take pictures! Until next time, XO.

Eloquently Yours,


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