Monday Mornings: Pave the Way

Let me introduce to you my current favorite cafe (other than Tatte of course); Pavement Coffee House.

Pavement Coffee House locations are 286 Newbury Street; 1096 Boylston Street; 1334 Boylston Street; and 44 Gainsborough Street.

Unfortunately, the closest Pavement to me is Newbury Street, so that’s where all these pictures are from. I also love going to the 1096 Boylston Street, because in my opinion it’s the most aesthetically pleasing and biggest out of the three I’ve been to. (I haven’t been to the Gainsborough location yet)

Like all the other coffee shops I’ve been to, Pavement has soups, salads, (great) sandwiches, pastries and lots of bagels. Fun fact! If you have a college coupon book there is a coupon if you buy a bagel then you get a drip coffee for free! Yes, I’ve taken advantage of that. Also, like I explained at Caffe Nero, Pavement also has the option of almond milk based drinks, which I’ve gotten and…. BEST almond milk latte I have ever had!!!

Pavement Coffee House is the perfect place to go to get work done because it isn’t too overwhelming with it’s aesthetic, but you get that great coffee shop vibe. They also has 2 hour complimentary wifi.


If you get the chance, definitely take a trip to Pavement! Thank you for reading and thanks to Caitlin for hanging out with me and taking pictures!

Eloquently Yours,


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