An Eye for Erika

I’ve never been one to get expensive sunglasses. I would always buy a few pairs here and there from Forever 21, Urban or H&M. Last summer I decided that maybe I would look into investing into a pair of “good” sunglasses because why not and it was one of the best decisions!


First of all, the back story. I knew these were the ones simply because of the name. Many of you might recognize or have these sunglasses because they are very popular, but… They’re named the “Erika” sunglasses… Yes, Erika with a K!! When I went onto Sunglass Hut’s website for the first time last summer they were the first ones there and I knew it was meant to be.

I went into the store to try them on because I needed to know they were actually meant to be. They fit perfectly. I felt the size was perfect, the way it sat on my nose, the tightness around my head… It was all perfect. Of course and as you can see, I got them and I love them.

I think that sunglasses are something that people should invest in. You know you’ll use them a lot and honestly having a really good pair makes you take care of them. I know that’s a huge offset to people because I always hear “oh well I break sunglasses all the time I could never get an expensive pair.” Ya well I thought that too and you know what, mine are still in one piece because I make sure I take care of them.

All pictures were taken by Caitlin, of course! (


So if there is one piece that you’re looking to invest into for this Spring/Summer, make them your sunglasses if you don’t already have a “good” pair.


Thanks for reading! Until next time, XO.

Eloquently Yours,


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