The Simple Stranger

As you might know, I spend a lot of time at Tatte Bakery & Cafe. Most of the time I sit at a table for four by myself; not because I’m trying to take up the whole table, but because there aren’t any other tables available. Many times I find myself offering to share my table with a stranger because I notice them searching for some place to eat their lunch and figure, I’m not taking up the space, so the more the merrier.

About a month ago I had a more memorable experience when sharing my table for four with a stranger. I wasn’t going to write about it anymore because it’s been a while, but it had such an impact on me that I had to.

I’m not sure of her name, but I am sure that we talked for a solid hour. It began with the treturous wind that made her question whether it was Massachusetts or the South experiencing a small tornado. As her newspaper blew everywhere and my laptop blew shut (notice the generation difference) we found each other putting our reading material away and began to talk. It started out with the weather because it was one of the first beautiful 70 degree days. I explained I had just recently got back from a trip to Florida and was happy to be in the warm weather again. She explained she was going to Florida in a few weeks with her daughter. The conversation went on to me explaining I was a college student, where I go to school, my major, my internship, etc. The woman took a strong interest in me and continued to ask me questions. We talked about projects I was doing, which led to discussing the election. This might have been the first time I felt kind of grown up because in a conversation such as politics (with a stranger who clearly knows a lot more than me), I knew what I was talking about. She explained that my thoughts and opinions for myself and about other college students, “confirmed a lot” that she thought. As the conversation went on she looked at me and asked me what my dream is. I explained it to her with a big grin on my face and she said “I know that you’ll make it.” Finally, she left me with this: “knowing there are people of the future generation like you, makes people of my generation feel a lot better.” Then, she thanked me for sharing my table and wished me luck with all that I do.

There was so much more to this conversation that I wish I had recorded it. And even though all I wrote above doesn’t get down to the details and we talked about much more; it was one of the best and most memorable conversations I’ve had in my life so far. You never know who you’ll meet in life and all though it was for only an hour, this simple stranger had a positive impact on my life and I thank her for that.

Eloquently Yours,

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