A Hidden Gem

As I said, I’m writing up a quick post about attending the press preview for the Gilt City Warehouse Sale Event. The title tells all because it couldn’t be more true! With that said, listen carefully… If you are in the Boston area today with nothing to do, PLEASE do yourself a favor and attend the warehouse sale.

First of all, the location is beautiful – the south end isn’t somewhere I go often, but that’ll change. Second, when you go in it’s a beautiful place with shoes, clothes, accessories galore (for women AND men!) Last but not least, the most important part… THE PRICES. I was honestly blown away. They were amazing. Going into the sale I was thinking I’d leave with one piece around 90 dollars; well I left with three designer pieces for amazing prices that I’ll share more about in my post next week! But to have an example, I got a Rebecca Minkoff bag for $65 and the retail price was over $200 and I’m in love. Anyways, again, go to this sale because I promise you will have an amazing experience and be so glad you went! Today 12-5, 5-7 and 7-9 ~ 539 Tremont Street, Boston! Stock up on your summer trends the designer way! Happy shopping!! XO.

This post is not sponsored, I was invited to the event, which is the only way I found out about it. I’m so happy I was reached out to because this is something I will go to every year if Gilt City continues to come to Boston!

Here are some pictures from the night, I hope you enjoy!




Thank you to my friend, Emma, for coming with me and tolerating me making her take my picture!

Special thanks to Jourdann, the PR Manager for Gilt & Gilt City for reaching out to tell me about this amazing event!! Check in next week when I share more about my experience and the three pieces I got that I’ll be wearing all summer! Until next time…

Eloquently Yours,


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