About Blogger

Hello! I’m Erika…
               I’m obsessed with the color blue, Boston, broadcast journalism, brunch and fashion. I’m a Broadcast Journalism Major in Boston because I’m a news junky, want to tell stories for a living, and I guess you could say I’m a bit nosey. I’m entering my senior year of college and I can’t believe I’ma year away from graduating… Time really does go by too fast. This is my third year living in Boston and it’s a dream come true. I’m now a “real” Boston resident, so I’m excited to officially call this city my home.
               I am simply a college student trying to find my path in the world in hopes to become a news broadcaster. My journey may be long, but it will be worth it. I enjoy writing and will write about pretty much anything that comes to mind or an experience in my life. I love to dance; I’m in love with fashion; I love to laugh; to smile; to have meaningful conversations; daydream while swinging on a swing; and I adore my friends & family.
               I’m a big dreamer, a positive thinker and a strong believer that everything happens for a reason… And if broadcasting doesn’t work out I guess becoming a WWE Diva or a J-Crew Petite model would be cool too.
Welcome into my life. ~XO~
Eloquently Yours,

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