Uncovering the Cold Shoulder

One of my favorite trends of the summer is the “cold shoulder.” It is literally everywhere, but I’m not complaining!  Continue reading “Uncovering the Cold Shoulder”


Loving Liquor Wicks

As mentioned in my last post, this post is to highlight an awesome company that I discovered at the Greenway Market! Continue reading “Loving Liquor Wicks”

Greenway Goodness

If you’re looking for something to do in Boston this summer, check out the Greenway over by the North End / Seaport area! Every Saturday and every 1st & 3rd Sunday, the strip between Atlantic Avenue and Surface Road turns into the Greenway Market. It’s filled with ceramics, apparel, jewelry & a lot more!

My friend Emma and I decided to check it out and it was worth the trip! When we approached the Christopher Columbus Park (where I thought the market was at first until Emma told me it wasn’t lol) we noticed that there were a few things going on there as well!

Amazon was handing out bananas and promoting their new food delivery! Of course, we both got a banana… It was free! Then we looked ahead and to our pleasant surprise, yes, FREE ICE CREAM!


We obviously chose a great day to head to the Greenway Market! After that, we headed to our last stop at the park to get some refreshing Gold Peak tea.

I had never had Gold Peak tea before and I must say it was exactly what we needed! Needless to say, you’ll never know what you run into in Boston unless you go out and explore. Now about the actual Greenway Market!

Booth after booth, there was so many amazing pieces of art, jewelry, ceramics, apparel and more.

We found lots of goodies and saw some pieces that we had never seen before. One in particular, soy candles (all smell amazing) that were in reused alcohol bottles!

*Check out my post next week specifically on this cool and creative company!*

As seen in the pictures above were only a few of the many booths, so if you want to see more I highly recommend checking it out; especially if you’re looking for something to do in Boston on a beautiful day like it was for us when we went! Until next time, XO.

Eloquently Yours,


A Hidden Gem

As I said, I’m writing up a quick post about attending the press preview for the Gilt City Warehouse Sale Event. The title tells all because it couldn’t be more true! With that said, listen carefully… If you are in the Boston area today with nothing to do, PLEASE do yourself a favor and attend the warehouse sale.

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